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Recommended readings


  • Private Sector and Entreprise Development – Fostering Growth in the MENA, Lois Stevenson
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Josh Lerner
  • The Second Bounce of the Ball, Ronald Cohen
  • A Vision for Venture Capital, Peter A. Brooke
  • Financer Les Champions de Demain, Alain Borderie
  • The Birth of Plenty, William J. Bernstein
  • The Emerging Markets Century, Antoine Van Agtmael
  • Le Temps de l’Afrique, Jean Michel Severino, Olivier Ray
  • False Economy, A surprising Economic History of the World. Alan Beattie
  • Ill Fares The Land, Toney Judt
  • Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty. Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson
  • Articles

  • How to start an Entrepreneurial Revolution, Daniel J Isenberg (HBR, June 2010)
  • The High Intensity Entrepreneur, Anne S. Habiby and Deirdre M. Coyle, Jr. (HBR, September 2010)

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