Build Innovative Companies Investment Vehicles acting as Bridges between Mature and New Economies

  • The Innovative companies Opportunity between North America/Europe/Asia and the MENA region or Sub-Saharan Africa:
    • Gateways to High Growth Markets. High growth Companies from North America and Europe need to internationalise their business to New Economies to keep on growing. Several MENA countries are looking to position themselves as the gateway to High Growth Markets (Middle East North Africa, Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa)
    • Knowledge Economies. Many of the most innovative companies in the world are in North America, Europe and Asia but lack financing and business development opportunities. Several MENA countries need to build Knowledge Economies, and are looking to attract innovative companies to do so. Key sectors of interest include :
      - Oil & Gas
      - Renewable Energy
      - Chemicals
      - Metallurgy
      - Aviation & Aerospace
      - Pharmacy, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
      - Healthcare Equipment & Services
      - Hospitality & Leisure
      - Education
      - Financial Services
      - Media
      - Logistics, Trade, Transport
      - Construction & Engineering
      - Construction Materials
      - Electrical Equipment
      - Food & Beverage
      - Machinery

  • What We Do: In general, we would partner with existing Private Equity or Venture Capital Funds, or Industrial Groups based in North America or Europe. We then create a “bridge” for North American or European High Growth to internationalise their business in the MENA region, Sub-Saharan Africa or other fast growing markets, but also for High Growth Companies from the MENA region or Sub-Saharan Africa to grow to North America or Europe.
    Armalia Partners would structure the partnership (including funding) and become an integral member of the company investment team, building its investment process, execute transactions, monitor investments. Several types of structures could be considered with the objective to facilitate the internationalisation of High Growth Companies with the same level of financing, expertise and reassurance enjoyed by multinationals.

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