High Growth Markets

Build High Growth Companies Investment Vehicles acting as Bridges between Mature economies and Fast growing markets

  • The High Growth Companies Opportunity in the MENA region, Africa and other fast Growing markets in Asia/Latin America/Eastern Europe:
    • Strong Demographics. Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA and South-Asia will account for 70% of the global population growth during our life time. From now to 2050, Africa will increase its population by one billion, and India by half a billion. By comparison, it took humanity 4.5 million years to reach 2 billion people in 1950.
    • Food Security. The Mena region account for 25% of the world’s cereal imports. Africa accounts for 60% of the worlds remaining arable land. However, acquiring vast amount of land in Africa without combining this with a job creating development strategy could create a significant risk of expropriation. Industrial farms do not create enough jobs to absorb the high population growth.
    • Emerging Middle Class. This strong population growth combined with an increase in GDP per capita will open many opportunities. India, alone, will account for 20% of the world’s new middle class consumers who buy products and services from across the world. Africa will continue to create attractive but largely unknown investment opportunities. Few people know for instance, that since 2001, African consumption has increased by 275 billion dollars, more than India, and more than Brazil.
    • Industrial Vision. The Industrialisation Strategy of several MENA countries could also open interesting synergies for companies in the following industries.
      - Oil & Gas
      - Renewable Energy
      - Chemicals
      - Metallurgy
      - Aviation & Aerospace
      - Pharmacy, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
      - Healthcare Equipment & Services
      - Hospitality & Leisure
      - Education
      - Financial Services
      - Media
      - Logistics, Trade, Transport
      - Construction & Engineering
      - Construction Materials
      - Electrical Equipment
      - Food & Beverage
      - Machinery

  • What We Do: Typically, we would partner with existing Private Equity or Venture Capital Funds or Commercial Bank, or Industrial Groups based in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America. We then create a “bridge” with the MENA region or Sub-Saharan Africa to create synergies between High Growth Companies for each region. Such scheme would provide financing, expertise and reassurance to High Growth Companies looking to grow across New Economies.
    Armalia Partners would structure the partnership (including funding) and become an integral member of the company investment team, building its investment process, execute transactions, monitor investments. Several types of structures could be considered with the objective to facilitate the internationalisation of High Growth Companies with the same level of financing, expertise and reassurance enjoyed by multinationals.

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